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I’m Greg Hixon, your professional

Mexican-Real-Estate Blogger


Greg created our website in March, 2018 and has done excellent work. Our customers complement the nice styling and the great writing. He responds to all customer inquiries and schedules bookings from the internet. He’s been wonderful to work with and we always enjoy seeing him and his family when they dine at our restaurant. We highly recommend Greg’s professional work.

My fishing-charter website looks great. Greg did a fantastic job with my very small budget. He’s very professional and easy to work with. His writing is easy to read and he has done some extra work for me at no charge, just to help me grow my business.

We asked Greg to write a business plan for us, and he completed a thorough, well-written document. He revealed the best approaches to grow our business. After completing our business plan, we had him develop our company website. Greg worked with our manager to get it exactly how we wanted it, and it turned out great. Now, he writes blog posts for us and we love reading his blog posts.



Hello, I’m Greg Hixon and I specialize in helping you, the real-estate professional in Mexico, to bring in many more prospects online. I will help you rank at the top of the list with Google and other search engines.

It all starts with tourism. People become interested in purchasing real estate in Mexico AFTER they visit, right?

Before tourists visit a great place like YOUR peaceful Mexican paradise, they Google where to stay, where to eat, and things to do.

There’s where you need to show up!

Tourists should know about you before they visit. Also, they should be on your email list.

That’s where I come in…

To achieve massive internet traffic, you must publish blog posts weekly. Then, gain many more American, Canadian, and other English-speaking prospects, online. Search engines favor regularly-posted content. So, you’ll rank higher if you post often.

Publishing posts about the important aspects of your Mexican destination will put you in almost all online search results about attractions, history, restaurants, resorts, and major activities near you.

Of course, this takes time, so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll appear at the top.

Become a resource for everything people search for, before they visit. I’ll help you become a well-known resource for all things in your area, through well-written and informative blog posts that people will add to their itinerary. And of course, each post will have an awesome summary about YOU, the number one source for Mexican real estate in your region.


I only blog for one real-estate professional in any region in Mexico. I will not help your competition. You alone will stand out, in your close-knit real estate community, as the one who brings in the most leads online. So, be the primary provider of popular content about your area and draw them in.


I have been Susie Flinn's real-estate assistant in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) since October, 2017. She is the most prolific real-estate broker here and I’ve learned a great deal about Mexican real estate while helping her bring in prospects, educate them, make offers, and close sales.

Although I've been blogging for many years now, previously about small business, blogging about Mexican real estate and tourist attractions in Mexico is my real passion. And, I’m very good at it, as you’ll confirm when you view examples of my work in my portfolio.

Most recently, I’ve been writing about tourist attractions, resorts, various properties, local businesses, and special events in Rocky Point, Mexico. My all-time favorite blog post is one that I wrote about Batman in Rocky Point. Ray Flinn, a long-time resident of Rocky Point, drives around town in his real-life bat-mobile. He wears a batman mask and plays the batman theme loudly on his sound system. What fun! So, I covered him in a well-written blog post that reads like a short story. Here’s a direct link to the post.


During my 15-year career at Intel Corporation, I developed a knack for communicating information with an easy-to-read, understandable composition. There, I published white papers and other technical documents, training materials, and proposals.

Back in 2014, after starting and operating several businesses over the years, I decided to write an entrepreneurial blog - There, I cover entrepreneurship, business startups, and other business-related topics. Since most businesses fail, I always emphasize due-diligence.

Marketing and SEO

Being an expert at keyword market research and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I’ll ensure that each blog post ranks high with online searches. That way, when someone searches for something about your peaceful paradise in Mexico, you’ll show up as someone having great information about all of it.

Attracting online traffic is the key to gaining new prospects. So, please allow me to serve you by providing exceptional content about your region in Mexico, week after week.

Please scroll down to see examples of my blogging:



I am a flexible, talented writer who can help you get it written quickly and accurately. Please let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll reply with a reasonable price for my work. Whether you need a one-time piece or something written regularly, I’ll be happy to work with you. You’ll receive a quote ahead of time, for a complete price before I start.


As an expert with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JAVA, along with WordPress and Genesis Framework development expertise, I can create whatever you need. Pricing is based on my $479 WordPress special plus $35.00 per hour for the custom design work. You’ll receive a quote ahead of time for a complete price before I start.